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Zone H and Printworks Street

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Zone H and Printworks Street

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Reserved Matters Applications submitted – opportunity to share your comments with Southwark Council 

British Land has submitted two Reserved Matters Applications (RMAs) to Southwark Council. 

The first application is for a sustainable office-led redevelopment of the Printworks building, which is located within an area known as ‘Zone H’ of the Canada Water Masterplan. Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit our virtual exhibition in June for sharing their comments and questions about the proposals. 

The second application is to build a new road between Quebec Way and Surrey Quays Road, running along the top side of the Printworks site. This new route will be known as Printworks Street.

Both applications have been validated by Southwark Council, who are holding a statutory consultation period until 3 November (Zone H) and 4 November (Printworks Street), during which time you can view all the planning documents and provide a formal comment directly to Southwark Council for their consideration in their determination of the planning applications.  For further details on how to submit your comments see ‘next steps’ below.

IMAGE: Illustrative view of Zone H

More about ‘Zone H’

The proposals for a sustainable office-led development in ‘Zone H’ include ground floor retail, improved landscaping, and the creation of new routes through the site, celebrating the raw and industrial character of the existing building, while bringing its appearance up to a modern standard. 

The planning permission for the Canada Water Masterplan established the parameters within which Zone H can be developed. This RMA has been created in conformity with the approved parameters, seeking approval for the detailed design, proposed appearance, layout, use, scale and landscaping of the building area. 

We ran a public information event on the proposals for Zone H between 21 June and 5 July. Thank you to everyone who took the time to view the exhibition and share their comments and questions.  A full Statement of Community Involvement has been produced summarising the activities and comments received, which is available on the Council’s planning portal.

This RMA for the Printworks is the first phase of development to take place on Zone H, with a future RMA for the remainder of the zone being prepared at a later date. The demolition of the warehouses associated with the Printworks building will also make space for a new 3.5-acre park and will also be coming forward in a future RMA. 

For more details about the Zone H proposals, please visit the downloads section on our website where you can find the Zone H information boards.   

More about Printworks Street

The Printworks Street application is for a new street that will provide a new vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian route within the Canada Water Masterplan area. It will provide an additional route between Quebec Way, Surrey Quays Road and the wider masterplan area, connecting to the new Town Centre. 

Initially, the new street will be used by construction vehicles to access Zones H and L – located to the east of the Canada Water Masterplan site – as they are built out over the coming years. 

Once construction is complete, Printworks Street will be a publicly accessible road for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Importantly, it will provide an additional route for Quebec Way residents to get to the town centre, as well as improving access for future students at the Scape building on the former Mulberry Business Park site, which is due to complete in June 2022.

The plans also include a significant amount of tree planting and a generous footpath, which will create an attractive and quiet streetscape, reflecting the character of the local area. Space for a bus stop has also been provided to support the promotion of sustainable forms of travel in keeping with the ethos of the wider Masterplan. 

Statutory consultation – next steps

Southwark Council is holding a 21-day statutory consultation period until 3 November for Zone H and 4 November for Printworks Street. The statutory consultation period is the opportunity for you to view all the planning documents and make your formal comments directly to Southwark Council.  Your comments will then be taken into consideration by the Council in their determination of the planning application.

You can find all the application documents and make your formal comments on the applications by visiting Southwark Council’s Planning Register using the case reference numbers below. The full website address is: www.southwark.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-applications/planning-register-search-for-view-and-comment-on-planning-applications.  Comments made to either case reference numbers above will be reviewed together by the Council.

  • Zone H – 21/AP/3338
  • Printworks Street – 21/AP/3469

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any points in relation to the news above, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing team@canadawatermasterplan.com or calling 0800 470 4593.

More information can also be found in Section 7.5 of our FAQs

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