A new district for central London

A blueprint for a beautiful London - where sustainable city living and working is reimagined, surrounded by water and parkland

Central, yet local. Leafy, yet London. The UK’s most sustainable district is on its way.

Canada Water. Where blue meets green. Where 53 acres of historic dockland meets 130 acres of parks and woodland. Central, yet local. Leafy, yet London. London’s best-kept secret has been hiding in plain sight, and now the UK's most sustainable new town centre is on its way.

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Connect to the city.
Connect to nature.

Most people arrive early, the first time they visit Canada Water. It's where London’s two newest lines – the Jubilee and Overground – cross. And it's just one stop from the Elizabeth line. You can be in the West End in 10 minutes by tube, walk to Tower Bridge in 20, or be in the City by bike in 10 minutes.

Green heart, blue heritage

It’s quieter. The air is cleaner. Canada Water is surrounded by over 130 acres of parks and woodlands – that's more green space per person than almost anywhere else in London. Not to mention the water, from Canada Dock where ships unloaded timber, to picturesque green waterways and historic Greenland Dock.

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