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Update on preparatory construction works and site activity on parts of the Masterplan site: December 2020

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Update on preparatory construction works and site activity on parts of the Masterplan site: December 2020

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The preparatory construction works underway on parts of the masterplan site continue to progress well with work shortly due to pause for the festive period. Work is now taking place or scheduled for the areas marked on the image below. Please find updates on each work area below.

Rear of Printworks site by Quebec Way (shown in yellow on the image above) – the deconstruction works at the rear of the Printworks site where our contractor Galldris have been working since October are almost complete, with all three structures due to be at ground level by early January 2021. In January and February 2021, Galldris will begin removing the existing building slab and foundations and clear the site. Any excessively noisy works during this period will take place on a two hour on/off basis to minimise disruption.

Next door to this site (shown in green on the image above), works to build a new temporary campus for TEDI-London are due to begin in early January 2021. These works will also be undertaken by Galldris. Some tree and shrub clearance works adjacent to Quebec Way will take place as well as tree protection fencing installed for those that are being retained. Southwark Council has granted planning permission for these works as part of planning consent 20/AP/2482. Temporary hoarding will be installed around the site, and at the same time, site investigation and drainage installation works will take place.

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park and surrounding area (shown in orange on the image above) – Galldris has been onsite since mid-October in this location. In January, they will begin work to widen the existing pedestrian crossing on Deal Porters Way close to the junction with Surrey Quays Road. This will require temporary traffic management at this location. They will start at the junction of Surrey Quays Road and Deal Porters Way, and as part of these works, will also install drainage and services within a short section of the Deal Porters Way carriageway.

Drainage installation works will continue within the work area directly adjacent to the former Rotherhithe Police Station on Lower Road and will continue within the new haul road construction area close to the former Dock Offices and the Tesco petrol station running down to Lower Road. Works to temporarily widen the haul road will begin in parallel with building the associated retaining wall, drainage and services installation works. Others works within the Shopping Centre car park will also take place ahead of the temporary re-routing of Deal Porters Way required to facilitate later phases of work. Remaining tree clearance close to the former Dock Offices will be completed in January 2021. Southwark Council has granted planning permission for these works as part of the outline planning consent (18/AP/1604). Drainage works, hoarding replacement and planting will also take place in Hothfield Place.

Construction of interim petrol station on Deal Porters Way (shown in purple on the image above) – Our contractor Keltbray has been onsite since the end of October. They are carrying out groundworks (piling works and installing pile cap foundations) ahead of the new interim petrol station being constructed. The groundworks phase of works will last until March 2021. Once complete, the existing Tesco petrol station in the car park will then be demolished to enable the construction of plot A2 (click here for more information). The existing petrol station will remain open until the new interim petrol station is open.

Former Dock Offices (shown in blue on the image above) – In November 2020, British Land received planning consent to carry out internal and external refurbishment works to the former Dock Offices, to preserve them as an important Grade II listed heritage asset These works will preserve the former Dock Offices as an important Grade II listed heritage asset whilst also providing a new ‘Project Hub’ for the Canada Water Masterplan.

Our contractor Mace Interiors are currently installing scaffolding on the exterior of the building to allow external refurbishment works to take place. The internal strip out is now complete with the main reinforcement works happening to the roof and first floor in 2021. The through route to Surrey Quays Shopping Centre and the Tesco Petrol Filling Station from Surrey Quays Road is now inaccessible (except to tenants and Dock Office visitors) and will remain closed until the end of the project in May 2021.

Dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager

British Land’s Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager ensures that site neighbours and the wider community are kept regularly updated and will respond promptly to any issues or questions that arise. If you have any questions about these works or would like to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager, please contact team@canadawatermasterplan.com or call 0800 470 4593 (freephone). Contractors continue to write to and seek to speak with direct neighbours where construction activity is taking place, with further newsletters due to arrive next week and early in 2021.

Please note that over the festive period, the freephone line will go straight to voicemail on weekends and bank holidays (25th – 28th December and 1st – 3rd January). If you leave a message this will be received by the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager the next working day. Please also look out for site signage, web updates and social media posts for the latest updates.

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