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Invitation to view proposals for a temporary innovation hub and a new below ground electricity substation for Canada Water and the wider area

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Invitation to view proposals for a temporary innovation hub and a new below ground electricity substation for Canada Water and the wider area

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We would like to invite you to a virtual exhibition to share details of two separate planning applications close to the Printworks that are currently being prepared:

  1. A new Reserved Matters Planning Application for a below ground Electricity Substation on ‘Zone L’ of the Canada Water Masterplan, in partnership with UK Power Networks (UKPN), and
  2. A Standalone Planning Application for a temporary innovation hub next to the Printworks that will provide a new home for higher education provider TEDI-London.

You can visit our virtual exhibitions at https://cwm.exhibition.app/ between 10th and 19th July. More information on the planning applications and other ways that you can access material shared in the exhibitions is below.

1. Reserved Matters Planning Application for a below ground electricity substation on ‘Zone L’ of the Canada Water Masterplan

British Land is partnering with UK Power Networks (UKPN) to deliver a new below ground electricity substation to meet the future electrical needs of the Masterplan, the wider local area, and to reinforce electricity supply in other areas of the Borough.

The substation will be located within an area known as ‘Zone L’ of the Canada Water Masterplan (the location is marked on the map below), and this application is being made following the decision by Southwark Council to grant planning permission for the Canada Water Masterplan in May 2020. The permission in May established the parameters within which the Zone can be developed, and a Reserved Matters Planning Application is being brought forward in conformity with these approved parameters. We are seeking approval for the detailed design, proposed appearance, layout and scale of the substation.

This substation application is the first phase of development to take place on Zone L, and will be located underground, with a small structure above ground. This will then be followed at a later date by a separate Reserved Matters application for new homes on Zone L which would be designed to work with the substation in situ. To meet the growing electricity demands of the Borough, and due to the manufacturing, construction and commissioning lead-in timescales for the substation, it is necessary for British Land and UKPN to seek planning permission now, and in advance of the new homes planned for Zone L. We will carry out engagement on proposals for the new homes in the future.

Once constructed, UKPN will be responsible for safely managing and operating the electricity substation.

2. A standalone planning application for a temporary innovation hub to house TEDI-London

British Land is delighted to support the development of a temporary innovation hub that will become the new home for TEDI-London, a design-led higher education engineering provider currently based at the Printworks. TEDI-London is co-founded by Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW in Sydney, and is already working with local partners to feed into its local outreach and bursary offer to ensure it is accessible to students from the local area.

TEDI-London would anchor the new innovation hub, and the buildings could house expansion space for TEDI-London to grow, or other interim facilities that support the Canada Water Masterplan. The hub is being designed by internationally renowned architect Hawkins\Brown, and its modular design allows for the hub to be delivered in stages as TEDI-London’s needs change over time.

The temporary innovation hub will be located off Quebec Way next to the Printworks and is being delivered entirely separate to the May 2020 Canada Water Masterplan permission. It will be submitted as a standalone planning application.

A temporary standalone planning permission for 7 years is being sought, and the Hub would help bring to life an underused area of the site. In the medium-term, British Land plans to provide a permanent higher education cluster within the wider Canada Water Masterplan site, to house TEDI-London alongside other institutions.

Find out more and get in touch with the team

Detailed information boards, images, diagrams and a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions booklet for each proposal can be viewed online between 10th – 19th July at our virtual exhibition, by visiting https://cwm.exhibition.app. You’ll also be able to send any comments or questions to the team directly from the exhibition.

Although we are unfortunately unable to hold in-person drop-in exhibitions at this time, we remain committed to sharing detailed plans with you and ensuring that the wider project team are available to answer any questions you may have before a planning application is submitted.

As well as visiting our virtual exhibitions you can also request printed copies of the materials, or if you would like to arrange a personal briefing or ask questions on either proposal directly to the project team, please get in touch.

Next steps

We plan to submit both planning applications following this engagement period, and once they have been submitted to Southwark Council, a 21 day statutory consultation period will be held during which you will be able to send feedback directly to the Planning Officers for consideration in their determination of the planning applications. We will also write to you again once we’ve submitted the application and the statutory consultation period has begun, to share details of the planning applications.

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