08 Nov

Meet the Neighbours – Queen Qaushi

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Meet the Neighbours – Queen Qaushi

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Each month, we will introduce you to some of the inspiring people who live and work in Canada Water and who make the place so special.   

This month we met Danielle, better known to Instagram as Queen Qaushi, at her salon at Thrive in Canada Water, to find out about her journey, her business and how Thrive has supported her to get back on her feet.

Danielle grew up and went to school in Southeast London, and lives in Canada Water with her husband. When the pandemic started, she had to shrink her business and give up her shop. She says, “The pandemic has been really difficult, especially for small businesses like mine. I had to close my salon. I had worked hard to build it up – I had eight employees and overnight I had to say goodbye.”

Thrive is a business hub in Surrey Quays Leisure Park that provides low-cost private space, mentoring and support for local start-up businesses who live in SE16. It is run by Tree Shepherd, a social enterprise that helps people across London reach their full potential and start their own business.

Queen Qaushi moved in in December 2020 and has recently expanded with a new employee and a treatment room. She adds, “Thrive has given me an opportunity to build back. I went to university, so I had a backup plan, but my passion is beauty. The team at Thrive have helped me grow in confidence thought the support they provided. Beauty has sadly been the first industry to close and the last to open. It has been difficult, but this opportunity has meant I can shift my business and I hope to grow into a high street store.”

Queen Qaushi lives near the station in the heart of what will be the Canada Water development. We asked her what she feels about the Masterplan: 

“I’m so excited. It will bring people to the area with a purpose. Canada Water is between Greenwich – which is a popular tourist destination – and Tower Bridge – which is where lots of people work. It has tended to get ‘lost’ and is only a destination for local people. This will change that. It will be great once it’s complete.”

About Thrive

We’ve partnered with charity Tree Shepherd since 2016 to establish Thrive, a programme of support for local enterprise and, more recently, to open low-cost covid-secure workspace aimed at helping local people establish and grow their businesses. Thrive offers space on a flexible rental basis starting from hot desks at £10 a day, and regular start-up programmes, business mentoring, events and networking. Get in touch to see what support Thrive can offer. Call 020 3948 3020 or email info@treeshepherd.org.uk to find out more.

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