08 Mar

Meet the women of the masterplan #IWD23

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Meet the women of the masterplan #IWD23

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Meet Holly, Kelly, Latisha, Katie, and Beatriz!

This International Women’s Day we are putting a spotlight on the women with literal boots on the ground, who are supporting the delivery of the Canada Water development.

We spoke to them as part of our upcoming series focusing on the women in Canada Water. Whether that be working as part of the delivery of the development, providing support to local residents and organisation, or running local businesses, we want to champion and support the work of local women.

This first video is focused on construction, which has traditionally been a male-dominated sector; however, an increasing number of women are smashing stereotypes and joining this exciting career path. Take a look at our video to hear them discuss their roles, any obstacles they’ve faced, and how they see the industry providing fair equity to women.

If you’re interested in or looking for a new role in construction, Canada Water Connect can help with advice and support on opportunities across the development. To find out more, and to register for updates, visit canadawater.co.uk/connect or email connect@canadawater.co.uk.

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