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Canada Dock

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Canada Dock

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Reserved Matters Application submitted – opportunity to share your comments with Southwark Council

We have submitted a Reserved Matters Application (RMA) to Southwark Council, for improvements to Canada Dock.

The application comprises three main elements to enhance the dock for all users including: improvements to wetland habitats, biodiversity and water quality; a new 150m long boardwalk across the dock; and new seating and steps along the southern edge leading down to the water. Community input has shaped the vision and these proposals for Canada Dock as a result of many years of conversations and consultation with local people, from as early as 2015 (you can review the outcomes of this early engagement here). Over the development of the proposals, we have also sought the support of nature conservation specialists London Wildlife Trust to deliver a high-quality urban wetland, and have worked closely with them on the dock, and throughout engagement events since 2017.

We’d like to thank the 600 people who took the time to visit our virtual public consultation earlier this year – and particularly those that shared their ideas and comments about the proposals. 

We know from these conversations that people truly value ecology and wetland habitats at Canada Dock and would like to see these improved. The proposals for the boardwalk over the dock were widely supported, and people are also keen to see the area’s rich maritime history celebrated and reflected in plans. 

We carried out initial conversations with some key user groups early on in the pre-application process this year, to help influence design development at an early stage and help ensure that the proposals submitted reflected the needs of different groups within the community. This included Surrey Docks Angling Club, local schools, and local groups and charities that support people with specialist accessibility requirements. We also spoke with local ecology representatives about the plans and are in dialogue with Art Invest (Canada Water Dockside) to ensure that there is a coordinated approach across all sides of the dock. 

The application has been validated by Southwark Council, reference number 21/AP/3794 and there will now be a statutory consultation period. This will run until 16 December 2021. During this time, you can view all the planning documents and provide a formal comment directly to Southwark Council for their consideration in their determination of the planning application. For further details on how to submit your comments see ‘next steps’ below. More information can also be found in Sections 3.15 and 7.7 of our FAQs.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any points in relation to the news above, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing team@canadawatermasterplan.com or calling 0800 470 4593 (freephone).

Thank you again to all of you that gave your time and input, we look forward to continuing to work with the community to turn the Canada Dock plans into reality. 

Image: CGI of the proposed boardwalk and wetland habitat

Image: CGI of the proposed southern steps, leading down to the water’s edge

More about Canada Dock

The proposals for Canada Dock include: improvements to wetland habitats, biodiversity, and water quality; a new 150m long boardwalk across the dock; and new seating and steps along the southern edge leading down to the water. Importantly, through the proposed ecological improvements we will restore and enhance Canada Dock as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC), as it has been designated by Southwark Council. This will help create a better environment for wetland birds, invertebrates, amphibians and attract new bird species to the dock.

The outline planning permission for the Canada Water Masterplan established the parameters within which Canada Dock can be developed. This RMA has been created in conformity with the approved parameters, and seeks approval for the landscaping, key routes, layout, access, scale and appearance.

We ran a programme of public consultation events on the proposals for Canada Dock between 31 August and 14 September 2021. For reasons of safety, this consultation was held virtually. We wrote to over 14,000 people to inform them of the consultation, and hard copies of all the materials were made available. Thank you to everyone who took the time to view the exhibition and share their comments and questions. A full Statement of Community Involvement has been produced summarising the activities and comments received, which is available on Southwark Council’s planning portal.

For more details about the Canada Dock RMA proposals, please visit the downloads section on our website where you can find the Canada Dock information boards from the virtual exhibition that was held in the Summer.

Statutory consultation – next steps

Southwark Council is holding a 28-day statutory consultation period until 16 December 2021 for Canada Dock. The statutory consultation period is an opportunity for you to view all the planning documents and make your comments directly to Southwark Council. Your comments will then be taken into consideration by the Council in their determination of the planning application.

You can find all the application documents and make your formal comments by visiting Southwark Council’s Planning Register using the case reference number 21/AP/3794. The full website address is here

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any points in relation to the news above, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing or calling 0800 470 4593 (freephone).

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