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Update on preparatory construction works and site activity on parts of the Masterplan site: November 2020

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Update on preparatory construction works and site activity on parts of the Masterplan site: November 2020

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The preparatory construction works underway on parts of the masterplan site are progressing well with work now taking place or scheduled for the areas marked on the image below. Contractors Galldris, Keltbray and Mace Interiors are now onsite. Please find updates on each work area below.

Rear of Printworks site by Quebec Way (shown in yellow on the image above) – Galldris has been onsite since early October in this location. They have installed their site welfare facilities, are erecting the site hoarding and have disconnected and made safe all existing services that impact the dismantling of the automated reel store. The deconstruction of all three structures is due for completion by the end of 2020. This work will enable this site (known as ‘Zone L’ of the Canada Water Masterplan) to be developed.

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre Car Park (shown in orange on the image above) – Galldris has been onsite since mid-October in this location. In the week of 16th November, they expect to begin works in two key areas:

  •  Land close to the former Rotherhithe Police Station: it is expected that from the week of 16th November until the end of 2020, Galldris will be installing drainage in this area and form the new entrance to the temporary haul road. This means they will erect a temporary hoarding in front of the former Rotherhithe Police Station which will close the footpath in front of it. Pedestrians will be diverted across the road via the pedestrian crossing. These works will enable the construction of plots A1 and A2.
  • Deal Porters Way (Tesco end of Surrey Quays Shopping Centre Car Park): it is expected that between 23rdand 3rd December, Galldris will be installing an underground crossing for future electrical and CCTV cables and drainage under Deal Porters Way. These works will be carried out between 9pm and 5am to avoid causing disruption on the local road network. Noisy works are only permitted between 9-11pm to avoid disturbing local residents. This means that the bus stops next to Tesco on Deal Porters Way will be closed between 9pm and 5am and instead temporary bus stops will be available on Redriff Road. Deal Porters Way at the Redriff Road end of the Shopping Centre Car Park will be closed to vehicles during this time. Access to the Shopping Centre will be available from Surrey Quays Road.

Others works expected to take place in November in the Shopping Centre Car Park include drainage and ducting works on Deal Porters Way and tree removal works, both of which will be carried out under temporary traffic management within the car park. Towards the end of November, Galldris also expect to lay a temporary surface over the cobblestone walkway alongside the edge of Canada Water Dock which will eventually allow for a footpath diversion in this location while other works takes place in the car park.

Construction of interim petrol station on Deal Porters Way (shown in purple on the image above) – Keltbray has been onsite since the end of October. They have carried out the tree removal needed to secure the site and are installing the site hoarding which is due to complete in the next week or so. They will now begin work to construct the new interim petrol station. Once complete, the existing Tesco petrol station in the car park will then be demolished to enable the construction of plot A2. The existing petrol station will remain open until the new interim petrol station is open.

Former Dock Offices (shown in blue on the image above) – British Land has submitted a planning application and listed building consent to Southwark Council to carry out internal and external refurbishment works to the former Dock Offices, to preserve them as an important Grade II listed heritage asset These works will preserve the former Dock Offices as an important Grade II listed heritage asset whilst also providing a new ‘Project Hub’ for the Canada Water Masterplan. Please see this latest news post for more information.

Mace Interiors has been onsite since mid-October undertaking some preparatory works whilst waiting for the planning determination to take place. They have carried out some landscaping and tree and vegetation removal works. Over the next few weeks they will construct temporary scaffolding over the stairs in the courtyard to allow for materials to be brought safely onto site. They will also erect scaffolding in the clock tower for access so refurbishment works can begin. Trees above the car park will be trimmed back to ensure enough room above for the site cabins to be safely lifted into position over the coming weeks. As of the end of November, the route through to Surrey Quays Shopping Centre and the Tesco Petrol Station via the left-hand side of the building will be inaccessible except to tenants and visitors to the former Dock Offices.

Site investigation on the Plot A1 area (unused car park adjacent to Surrey Quays Road) – we expect that from 16th November for around one month, a site investigation using a compression drill to check for Unexploded Ordnance will be carried out by Brimstone Site Investigations on behalf of British Land. These works generate only minimal noise and no dust.

Dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager

British Land has appointed a dedicated Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager to honour our commitment to minimise disruption for local residents, businesses and people who work and visit the area.

The Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager will ensure that neighbours are kept regularly updated and will respond promptly to any issues or questions that arise. If you have any questions about these works or would like to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager, please contact team@canadawatermasterplan.com or call 0800 470 4593 (freephone). Please also look out for site signage, web updates and social media posts for the latest updates.

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