14 May

Update on construction works on parts of the Masterplan site: May 2021

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Update on construction works on parts of the Masterplan site: May 2021

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The preparatory construction works taking place on parts of the masterplan site continue to progress well. Please see the image below which shows where construction activity is currently underway. 

The construction of Plots A1, A2 and K1 will start in the coming months, including the demolition of the existing Tesco petrol station. Planning permission for these plots was approved by Southwark Council in May 2020, under application reference number 18/AP/1604. Please see the image below which shows the location of these plots. 

Updates are provided below on current construction activity as well as information on the construction of the first plots – A1, A2 and K1. For more information on site working hours, please see this post which is updated with new information as it becomes available. 

Rear of Printworks site by Quebec Way (shown in yellow on the first map above) – following the completion of the first phase of demolition last month, Galldris will demolish two further buildings at this site in the immediate adjacent area to the previous demolition works. This work is expected to take place in May and June. Also in June, Galldris will start to construct a 10m deep basement for a new below ground electrical substation for UKPN which will meet the future electrical needs of the Masterplan, the wider local area, and to reinforce electricity supply in other areas of the Borough.

Next door to this site (shown in green on the first map above) – Galldris continue to build the new temporary campus which will house TEDI-London – a new engineering higher education enterprise (click here for more information). All modular building units and most of the drainage and ducting are now installed. In order to complete the drainage, a new connection will be made in Quebec Way which will require temporary suspension of the adjacent disabled parking bays and one traffic lane. Temporary traffic management is being used to maintain traffic throughout the works and is expected to complete at the end of May. Internal fitout of the building and external cladding installation works has now started with the external fire escape stairs planned to be craned into position at the start of June.  

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park and surrounding area (shown in orange on the first map above) – Galldris has now completed the temporary realignment of Deal Porters Way within Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park, with slight further amendments to its alignment planned within May to help progress the works. The drainage works in Hothfield Place are also nearing completion as well as on the haul road, close to the former Dock Offices and the existing petrol station. Road widening works at the Redriff Road/Deal Porters Way junction have also been completed which forms part of the new interim petrol filling station.

In May, a new work area, adjacent to the former Dock Offices in Surrey Quays Road will be formed to allow deep drainage works to be carried out as well as the construction of a loading bay for Plot A1. A footpath closure will be required along Surrey Quays Road between the former Dock Offices and the junction of Deal Porters Way and pedestrians will be diverted along the other side of the road while this work takes place. Subject to receiving approval from Southwark Council, Galldris anticipate the footpath will be closed between mid- May 2021 and mid-June 2021.

Former Rotherhithe Police Station (shown in pink on the first map above) – enabling works for the demolition of the former Rotherhithe police station continue with hoarding installation, asbestos removal and soft strip now complete. Scaffold installation and demolition of the building will begin in late May/early June following the completion of all existing utility disconnections to the buildings.

Once demolished, and in the short term, this area will accommodate site welfare facilities for the construction of Plots A1 and A2. In the longer term, the outline planning consent for the masterplan (18/AP/1604) sets out the maximum massing and heights of any future building on this site and allocates it for a mix of residential, retail and community facility uses. There will be engagement with the local community on the detailed designs as they come forward.

Construction of an interim petrol station on Deal Porters Way (shown in purple on the first map above) – Indigo, a specialist petrol station contractor, are onsite and have installed the petrol station store. They are now working on installing the kerbs, concrete forecourt and petrol station canopy as well as carrying out landscaping work including meadows and planted areas, and a new cut through to the shopping centre for local residents.

The existing Tesco petrol station will close on 16 May and the new petrol station is expected to open on 2 June 2021. In the meantime, the nearest petrol station is the Shell garage on Southwark Park Road, the other side of Southwark Park. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this break in service causes. 

Former Dock Offices (shown in blue on the first map above) – Mace Interiors continue with refurbishment works to preserve the former Dock Offices as an important Grade II listed heritage asset, whilst also providing a new ‘Project Hub’ for the Canada Water Masterplan. Landscaping works in the courtyard include laying new paving slabs and creating areas for new trees and shrubs. On the exterior of the building, the new lighting scheme is being installed and the clock faces restored with new gold leaf and interior fit out progresses. 

Construction of the first plots – A1, A2 and K1

Plot A1 (shown in yellow on the second map above)
British Land is in the process of appointing contractor, Wates, to build Plot A1. From mid-July, site hoarding will be erected, and the contractor’s cabins put in place on the former Rotherhithe Police Station site. Construction traffic will access this site from the new haul route (entering by the former Police Station) which runs between Lower Road and the Shopping Centre car park close to the former Dock Offices and leave site via Surrey Quays Road. Two tower cranes will be in place for the duration of the build which is expected to complete by summer 2024. 

Plot A1 will provide a new landmark building which will include retail (shops and restaurants) on the ground floor, workspace and 186 homes (including some intermediate affordable homes) within a 35-storey building.

Demolition of the existing petrol station and preparation of the site for Plot A2 construction 

British Land has appointed contractor, Keltbray, to carry out these works. From 16 May, the existing petrol station will close and from 2 June, the new petrol station at the Tesco end of Surrey Quays Shopping Centre will open. In early June, demolition of the existing petrol station will begin with soft strip works and site hoarding being erected. For a period of six to eight weeks, the demolition works are expected to generate noise with work taking place strictly in accordance with Southwark Council guidelines, on a 2 hours on/2 hours off basis to minimise disruption. There will also be other measures taken to contain the spread of noise, including the use of sound blankets. Over this period, other site preparation works will also take place, including reducing surface levels, soil and material removal and ground investigation work which involve digging trial pits and boreholes. The demolition is expected to complete by late-July/early-August with site preparation works continuing into late August. 

Plot A2 (shown in red on the second map above)

British Land is in the process of appointing contractor, Mace, to build Plot A2. From September, site hoarding will be erected, and the contractor’s cabins put in place within Surrey Quays Shopping Centre car park. Construction traffic will access this site from the new haul route mentioned above and leave site via Surrey Quays Road. Three tower cranes will be in place from early 2022, including one on the haul route. The build is expected to complete by the autumn 2024. 

Plot A2 will include a leisure centre for Southwark Council at ground and basement level, town centre retail and food outlets along the new High Street, and workspace at the upper levels. It is six storeys at its highest, stepping down to five storeys in the direction of Lower Road. Public realm improvements including landscaping will also be made as part of the construction of Plots A1 and A2.

Plot K1 (shown in purple on the second map above)

British Land is in the process of appointing contractor, McAleer & Rushe, to build Plot K1. From June, site hoarding will be erected, and the contractor’s cabins put in place at the end of Roberts Close. There will need to be some vegetation trimming to accommodate this. This will mean one footpath will remain open connecting Roberts Close to Russia Walk. Towards the end of July, McAleer & Rushe will start constructing this building. They are expected to complete the build by summer 2023. During the construction period, HGVs will access the site from Quebec Way via Redriff Road. Light vehicles will be permitted to use Canada Street.

Southwark Council recently agreed to acquire this site from British Land in order to deliver affordable housing as part of its New Homes programme. Once built, this modern residential building will provide 79 affordable homes on Roberts Close, next to Russia Dock Woodland. The building is five and six storeys, stepping down in the direction of the woodland. This is the same height as neighbouring buildings – Quebec Quarter and London Square. It also includes an internal courtyard facing towards the woodland. 

Working hours and environmental monitoring

As permitted by Southwark Council, contractors will be working standard construction hours:

  • Monday – Friday, 8am-6pm
  • Saturday, 8am-2pm (no noisy works before 9am)

When work outside of standard hours is needed, for example to accommodate a crane delivery, this will be agreed with Southwark Council and communicated in advance.  

In line with the Construction Management Plans for these plots, contractors will be taking steps to reduce the impact on people living nearby and will use noise, vibration and dust monitoring equipment to continuously monitor levels. This will ensure that they are within the levels agreed with Southwark Council’s environment team.

Providing construction updates 

There are various ways we will contact immediate site neighbours and communicate with the wider community:

  • Printed newsletter – from June 2021, immediate site neighbours will receive a regular newsletter with site-wide construction updates.
  • E-newsletter and web updates – we will continue to share monthly construction updates on our website and issue the project e-newsletter to those who have signed up. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact us using the details below. 
  • Construction Liaison Forums for near neighbours – we will hold plot specific Forums which will, at first, be held online due to social distancing restrictions. They will include a briefing on what to expect during the construction period and provide the opportunity to ask questions. More detail on the first meetings will follow. 

Contact us 

British Land’s Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager’s role is to ensure that people living close to the site and the wider community are kept regularly updated and that any issues or questions are handled promptly. 

If you have any questions about these works or would like to speak with the Construction Neighbourhood Liaison Manager, please contact team@canadawatermasterplan.com or call 0800 470 4593 (freephone). 

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